We grant / extend the right to work for foreign citizens and / or stateless persons to carry out temporary work on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Who can benefit:

Foreign citizens or stateless persons, to be temporarily employed in the Republic of Moldova.

How to benefit:

  1. If your company is to hire a foreign citizen or a stateless person, the head of the enterprise / organization / institution or the representative of the enterprise empowered by mandate submits an application letter to the Office of Migration and Asylum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ( address: Chisinau municipality, 124 Stefan cel Mare si Sfint bd.), the submitedrequest is addressed to the National Agency for Employment, it is writeen in thelanguage of the State, with the attached documents laid down by law no. 180-XVI of 10.07.2008 on labor migration:
  2. The National Agency examines the file in the established terms and issues the decision on granting / extension or refusel to grant or extend the right to work.

Samples of the application for invitations to work (typed on the computer):

Documents necessary for the granting / extension of the right to work and the right of residence for work purposes for the following categories of foreign workers: